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Olympe Website & Panel

This repository contains the source codes of the Olympe website and panel.

Local deployment


You will need the following softwares:

  • Apache 2.X.X
  • mod_rewrite
  • mod_vhost_alias
  • PHP 5.5.X
  • Imagick extension

Clone repositories

Create a directory for the Olympe repositories and clone from Github:

mkdir olympe && cd olympe
git clone
cd php-www
git submodule init
git submodule update

After submodule update, you will have the whole source code of the website.

Create a vhost in Apache 2

We use Apache 2 because of the required .htaccess, you have to add a virtualhost for the address

<VirtualHost *:80>
    DocumentRoot "/path/to/the/repository"

Last actions

You have to add a new entry in your hosts file that matching the virtualhost:

And create a file www.ini just in the parent directory of the repository (ie. if repository is in /home/dev/olympe/php-www, the www.ini file must be in the /home/dev/olympe folder) with the following content:


You can find your token in your panel :


The www.ini file location is defined in the file _LIB/

if( $_SERVER["HTTP_HOST"] == 'localhost' || $_SERVER["HTTP_HOST"] == '' || $_SERVER["HTTP_HOST"] == '' )
	$conf = parse_ini_file('../www.ini', true);
elseif( $_SERVER["HTTP_HOST"] == '' )
	$conf = parse_ini_file('/dns/in/olympe/etc/settings/', true);
elseif( $_SERVER["HTTP_HOST"] == '' )
	$conf = parse_ini_file('/dns/in/olympe/etc/settings/hosting.ini', true);
	$conf = parse_ini_file('/dns/in/olympe/etc/settings/www.ini', true);