KiTTY, un bot Discord qui est un petit chat :) Il est basé sur une ancienne version du bot Red, sous Python 3.6 et qui a des fonctionnalités bien sympatiques !
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import asyncio
import requests
import discord
from __main__ import send_cmd_help
from discord.ext import commands
import aiohttp
import json
class wiiutils:
def __init__(self, bot): = bot
self.session =
async def wii(self, ctx):
if ctx.invoked_subcommand is None:
await send_cmd_help(ctx)
async def wiimmfi(self, ctx):
"""Does Wiimmfi servers are down ?"""
query = ("")
page = requests.get(query).json()
user = page["available"]
numberuser = user["players"]
status = page["status"]
#Saying if Wiimmfi is online or no !
if status == 200:
online = "Yes"
online = "No"
embed=discord.Embed(title="wiimmfi server status", color=0xff0000)
embed.add_field(name="Players :", value=numberuser, inline=True)
embed.add_field(name="Online ?", value=online, inline=True)
async def homebrew(self, ctx):
"""You want to homebrew your Wii ?"""
homebrewfr = ""
homebrewen = ""
await + "\n" + homebrewen)
def setup(bot):