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Misskey Nord Theme

Theme for misskey based on Nord theme color.


Copy this code on misskey theme editor :

	id: 'Nord',

	name: 'Nord',
	author: 'KazukyAkayashi',
	desc: 'Theme based on Nord theme color',

	base: 'dark',

	props: {
	accent: '#8fbcbb',
	bg: '#2e3440',
	fg: '#eceff4',
	fgHighlighted: '@link',
	panel: '#3b4252',
	navBg: '#3b4252',
	navFg: '@fg',
	navHoverFg: '@accent',
	navActive: '@accent',
	navIndicator: '@accent',
	header: 'rgba(59, 66, 82, 0.75)',
	link: '#b48ead',
	mention: '#bf616a',
	hashtag: '#a3be8c',
	renote: '#d08770',
	pageBg: '@bg',
	badge: '#a3be8c',
	divider: 'rgba(46, 52, 64, 0.7)',
	driveFolderBg: '@panel',


Nord theme