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  Albakham f48dee1c00
Correction erreurs 2 months ago
  Albakham d52636985b
Recommendations for the theme 2 months ago
  Albakham 94085a5996
Résolution de conflits 2 months ago
  angristan ab8e22b98e Add Linkedin and Instagram icons 3 months ago
  angristan 46efb03afc Don't break words in code lines 4 months ago
  angristan 19f23eeba0 Add Matomo to AMP pages (README) 4 months ago
  angristan a255747b8f Add Matomo to AMP pages 4 months ago
  angristan 1c8b0b7ea4 Add some margin to images captions 4 months ago
  angristan 9315aa74db Add Google Analytics in AMP 4 months ago
  angristan 4157b46304 Merge upstream, update to 2.11.1 4 months ago
  angristan c8b01a73a1 Backport amp.hbs into theme 4 months ago
  Stanislas 4d954e0e2d
Merge pull request #8 from angristan/dependabot/npm_and_yarn/mixin-deep-1.3.2 4 months ago
  dependabot[bot] 9470f20991
Bump mixin-deep from 1.3.1 to 1.3.2 4 months ago
  Kevin Ansfield 8729af090f 2.11.1 4 months ago
  Peter Zimon c40627256a Added max length for bookmark card publisher field (#608) 4 months ago
  Rish 32d3538f6b 2.11.0 4 months ago
  Rishabh Garg f5b2a2f209
✨ Added bookmark card CSS (#607) 4 months ago
  Stanislas b6feb964a8
Merge pull request #7 from angristan/action 4 months ago
  angristan 86180c0e71 Remove Travis and GitLab CI 4 months ago
  angristan dfcb480398 Add GitHub action for CI 4 months ago
  Rish 29426e1483 2.10.7 5 months ago
  John O'Nolan f5bba69235
Remove unused conditional 5 months ago
  Pedro Almeida 788ee59fd4 Improve gulp globbing (#598) 5 months ago
  angristan fb42f9efaf Merge upstream, update to 2.10.6 5 months ago
  angristan a4bbcfe71b Enable gravatar for Isso 5 months ago
  angristan 1da5847595 Auto format custom.css 5 months ago
  Fabien O'Carroll a6ce913546 2.10.6 5 months ago
  angristan 021d524ecb Merge upstream, update to 2.10.5 5 months ago
  Renovate Bot 8ad3b82f58 Update dependency gscan to v2.7.0 5 months ago
  Renovate Bot c66d64dd79
Update CSS preprocessors 5 months ago
  Rish 095d7f85c6 2.10.5 5 months ago
  David Darnes 812b9ba657
Merge pull request #599 from mvasilkov/pre-selection-color-patch 5 months ago
  Mark Vasilkov 56d1ff2337 Better contrast for selected text inside `pre code` blocks 5 months ago
  Aileen Nowak dc74e24d0c 🔗 Updated docs link to be version-less 5 months ago
  Kevin Ansfield e4e97aefa9 2.10.4 5 months ago
  Aileen Nowak df7c2321c6 Updated links to docs site 6 months ago
  Stanislas f9e05f426e
Create FUNDING.yml 6 months ago
  Fabien O'Carroll 6886798b60 2.10.3 6 months ago
  Renovate Bot 42c26629bf Update dependency autoprefixer to v9.6.0 6 months ago
  Renovate Bot 89a12765be
Update dependency gscan to v2.6.2 6 months ago
  Albakham 505a907e85
Resolve conflicts 7 months ago
  angristan 0eb4df8e8c Merge upstream, update to 2.10.2 7 months ago
  Nazar Gargol fa54c4713f 2.10.2 7 months ago
  Renovate Bot 0494b48ad0
Update dependency gulp to v4.0.2 7 months ago
  Renovate Bot e6cb772b2d Update dependency gscan to v2.6.0 7 months ago
  angristan ebfa7b7872 Merge upstream, update to 2.10.1 7 months ago
  albakham 52b4d3e0a7
Ajout liens Shaarli + git 8 months ago
  Fabien O'Carroll 2dad5af417 2.10.1 8 months ago
  Nazar Gargol 43b8f3d11a Substituted deprecated {{each}} helper with recommended {{foreach}} 8 months ago
  Nazar Gargol 21d097d530 2.10.0 8 months ago