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  Albakham 8da9694854
update to 3.x 1 month ago
  Stanislas Lange d9105f2667 Update local jQuery to 3.4.1 2 months ago
  angristan 52bdab409d Isso CSS improvement 3 months ago
  angristan 4b91a8ce82 Responsive Isso 3 months ago
  angristan 5bf23e3d7e Update Isso CSS 3 months ago
  angristan ab2cff33a0 Isso CSS improvements 3 months ago
  angristan 16c48e552f Update Isso CSS 3 months ago
  angristan 490fa2c819 Update Isso CSS 3 months ago
  angristan 936f33d312 Update Isso CSS 3 months ago
  angristan 532c4bf724 Disqus -> Isso 3 months ago
  angristan 3988f44f46 Update comments padding 3 months ago
  angristan 0b006b8700 Update comments padding 3 months ago
  angristan 12e16f19f9 Update comments padding 3 months ago
  angristan 12b52c3bd3 Isso -> Disqus 3 months ago
  ImgBotApp 91bdc50266
[ImgBot] Optimize images 3 months ago
  Peter Zimon 09d701c4bc 🐛 Removed non-existent variable 4 months ago
  Peter Zimon bf4b8d7f15 ✨ Added secondary navigation (#664) 5 months ago
  Casper Bøgeskov Hansen 5063d40a32 Remove backdrop filter from subscribe overlay 6 months ago
  angristan 344ab33973 Fix margin in post card image 6 months ago
  angristan 65ebef438a Disable dark mode 6 months ago
  Peter Zimon a66beb4e10 🐛 Fixed page style in dark mode 6 months ago
  Peter Zimon 065849105b Author meta and bookmark style refinements 6 months ago
  Amgaa a1fc6090d2 Very small fix on author meta links color 7 months ago
  Peter Zimon 68b0270ed5
Dark mode table style fix (#641) 6 months ago
  Peter Zimon 8993409296
Error page improvements (#639) 6 months ago
  Kevin Ansfield 307c334cd5
🐛 Fixed images on infinite scroll index pages being stretched in Safari (#636) 7 months ago
  Kevin Ansfield ff51925567
Fixed sticky title and author hover JS (#629) 7 months ago
  Kevin Ansfield 3e910e954e
Updated built CSS (#627) 7 months ago
  Fabien O'Carroll b51dd8ce22
V3 (#626) 7 months ago
  Kevin Ansfield 7ad20d1325 Fixed deprecated autoprefixer config warning when running build tasks 7 months ago
  Kevin Ansfield 978ffe0eb6
Concatenated all JS into a single file (#624) 7 months ago
  Rish 8bb4508ff2 Fixed code cards with long lines from being too wide 7 months ago
  angristan 46efb03afc Don't break words in code lines 8 months ago
  angristan 1c8b0b7ea4 Add some margin to images captions 8 months ago
  Peter Zimon c40627256a Added max length for bookmark card publisher field (#608) 9 months ago
  Rishabh Garg f5b2a2f209
✨ Added bookmark card CSS (#607) 9 months ago
  angristan a4bbcfe71b Enable gravatar for Isso 9 months ago
  angristan 1da5847595 Auto format custom.css 9 months ago
  Mark Vasilkov 56d1ff2337 Better contrast for selected text inside `pre code` blocks 10 months ago
  Kevin Ansfield ec296edfa0
✨ Added support for code cards with captions (#575) 1 year ago
  Kevin Ansfield 0b17a6ac06
Re-build CSS using latest dependencies (#573) 1 year ago
  Kevin Ansfield a212518827 🐛 Fixed incorrect/missing colours for various elements 1 year ago
  Hannah Wolfe 371ad586d3 Updated all built assets 1 year ago
  John O'Nolan c8c63d170c Fix bug with embeds overflowing content width 1 year ago
  angristan 6c76e7db29 Improve h4 size 1 year ago
  John O'Nolan f57f9ebc99 Update no-image classes 1 year ago
  angristan f66e1de012 Fix after 2.8.0 update: Do not stretch header image 1 year ago
  John O'Nolan 79ebbd50a3
Responsive images (#505) 1 year ago
  汪磊 3c2347c7f9 🎨 Optimised infinite scroll (#503) 1 year ago
  angristan 3744ad9308 fix(css) Do not justify text 1 year ago