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  Albakham 10986f0a06
end update 4 months ago
  Albakham 8da9694854
update to 3.x 4 months ago
  Fabien O'Carroll b51dd8ce22
V3 (#626) 9 months ago
  albakham ca4ecbb9a6 Add multi-languages support 1 year ago
  Kevin Ansfield 10672c642e 🐛 Fixed author cover images not displaying 1 year ago
  John O'Nolan 79ebbd50a3
Responsive images (#505) 1 year ago
  John O'Nolan b55d5e2b32 Remove unnecessary role attributes from main element 2 years ago
  Harry Kalantzis 6788302f62 🐛Removed unnecessary slash from Feedly URL (#437) 2 years ago
  Angristan c618bc7029 Replace Feedly links by original RSS links 2 years ago
  Jochen Kirstätter bfaae0f7ba 🐛 Fixed Feedly URL and protocol (#418) 2 years ago
  Kevin Ansfield 7592ad182b 🔒 Added `rel="noopener"` to all `target="_blank"` links (#398) 2 years ago
  John O'Nolan 902b6dcdbc Clean up trailing slashes 3 years ago
  John O'Nolan 4b6905f175 Mobile support 📱 3 years ago
  John O'Nolan 19a8b85aac Minor cleanup 3 years ago
  John O'Nolan eeb8b248ca Refactor site navigation 3 years ago
  John O'Nolan 655c35b53c New error template and author template 3 years ago
  John O'Nolan 55f35da8e9 Whatever pass I lost count 3 years ago
  John O'Nolan 09b4830398 Add new subscribers form + visual fixes 4 years ago
  Mark Sutherland 2f45eda1ca Improve alt tag accessibility 5 years ago
  Paul Adam Davis b071548965 Add menu icon to icon font 5 years ago
  Hannah Wolfe 8ec65a45e4 Switch navigation to be global 5 years ago
  John O'Nolan 243192f0d9 Updating nav styles 5 years ago
  Paul Adam Davis 46dc55769e Navigation 5 years ago
  Robert Lyall ff591092e2 Add conditional around 'bio' in author.hbs 5 years ago
  Hannah Wolfe ba881b059f Updating Casper's use of title and author helpers 6 years ago
  John O'Nolan b84309f482 Stop text from wrapping to a new line with icon 6 years ago
  Paul Adam Davis 2ac6e818d9 Pluralise post count for author page 6 years ago
  John O'Nolan 4bd2ce6740 Make everything look good with no cover images + crossbrowser fixes 6 years ago
  John O'Nolan 6ae074b724 Introduce new post loop partial + new multi-author post meta 6 years ago
  John O'Nolan 088a867cea First pass on major Casper overhaul and new Multi-user support 6 years ago