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  Kevin Ansfield 67e55abfed Upgrading Casper to 2.1.9 2 years ago
  Jochen Kirstätter bfaae0f7ba 🐛 Fixed Feedly URL and protocol (#418) 2 years ago
  Kevin Ansfield edfafffd32 Upgrading Casper to 2.1.8 2 years ago
  John O'Nolan 7798bf115f 2018 2 years ago
  Aileen Nowak 9395846fdf Upgrading Casper to 2.1.7 3 years ago
  Joseph Frazer 99fad4cbc4 Fix colors in code blocks 3 years ago
  Aileen Nowak 990f712209 💅 CSS comb and built 3 years ago
  Joona Viertola 4ff4b4c7f8 Removed double semicolons (#400) 3 years ago
  Aileen Nowak de05d90fe9 Upgrading Casper to 2.1.6 3 years ago
  Kevin Ansfield 978e54403c 🐛 Do not exclude `assets/css` from built zips 3 years ago
  Aileen Nowak 73bd9c630e Upgrading Casper to 2.1.5 3 years ago
  Mattia Natali 9597a28320 🎨 Optimized gulp zip file generation (#403) 3 years ago
  Aileen Nowak 461639886e Upgrading Casper to 2.1.4 3 years ago
  Kevin Ansfield 7592ad182b 🔒 Added `rel="noopener"` to all `target="_blank"` links (#398) 3 years ago
  Kevin Ansfield 97a522a037 Fix permissions on certain files 3 years ago
  Chaotic Law 25f12d760b Fix typo in default.hbs (#393) 3 years ago
  Kevin Ansfield 4f78d99112 Upgrading Casper to 2.1.3 3 years ago
  Aileen Nowak f5b7b45f2e Remove `/dist/casper.zip` 3 years ago
  Yoran Brondsema d34ff1d32b Add a Gulp task to create the zip (#374) 3 years ago
  Yoran Brondsema 73a1ab52da Add the same .editorconfig as from the Ghost repository (#384) 3 years ago
  Aileen Nowak 5ec77dfb31 Upgrading Casper to 2.1.2 3 years ago
  John O'Nolan 269d2b5787 Fix border radius bug on featured posts 3 years ago
  kirrg001 d1d0bca2d8 Upgrading Casper to 2.1.1 3 years ago
  Hannah Wolfe d92dda3523 Wrapped primary-tag get helper with if (#383) 3 years ago
  Kevin Ansfield ca325285bf Upgrading Casper to 2.1.0 3 years ago
  John O'Nolan aee9f69bb0 Refactor headings, quotes and margins, mobile improvements 3 years ago
  Kevin Ansfield a7d5c885bd Upgrading Casper to 2.0.6 3 years ago
  Kevin Ansfield 9bc5c92628 Fix z-index bug with header author profile image 3 years ago
  Niels 0f3651c23f 🎨 Do not stretch author profile image (#365) 3 years ago
  Phoenix Eve Aspacio d739bb52a4 Fixed z-index bug with header social links on author page (#370) 3 years ago
  Kevin Ansfield 8d17e9a452 Upgrading Casper to 2.0.5 3 years ago