Custom Ghost theme for my blog, based on Casper
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The default theme for Ghost. This is the latest development version of Casper. If you’re just looking to download the latest release, head over to the releases page.




First time using a Ghost theme?

Ghost uses a simple templating language called Handlebars for its themes.

We’ve documented our default theme pretty heavily so that it should be fairly easy to work out what’s going on just by reading the code and the comments. Once you feel comfortable with how everything works, we also have full theme API documentation which explains every possible Handlebars helper and template.

The main files are:

  • default.hbs - The main template file
  • index.hbs - Used for the home page
  • post.hbs - Used for individual posts
  • page.hbs - Used for individual pages
  • tag.hbs - Used for tag archives
  • author.hbs - Used for author archives

One really neat trick is that you can also create custom one-off templates just by adding the slug of a page to a template file. For example:

  • page-about.hbs - Custom template for the /about/ page
  • tag-news.hbs - Custom template for /tag/news/ archive
  • author-ali.hbs - Custom template for /author/ali/ archive


Casper styles are compiled using Gulp/PostCSS to polyfill future CSS spec. You’ll need Node and Gulp installed globally. After that, from the theme’s root directory:

$ yarn install
$ yarn dev

Now you can edit /assets/css/ files, which will be compiled to /assets/built/ automatically.

The zip Gulp task packages the theme files into dist/<theme-name>.zip, which you can then upload to your site.

$ yarn zip

PostCSS Features Used

  • Autoprefixer - Don’t worry about writing browser prefixes of any kind, it’s all done automatically with support for the latest 2 major versions of every browser.
  • Variables - Simple pure CSS variables
  • Color Function

SVG Icons

Casper uses inline SVG icons, included via Handlebars partials. You can find all icons inside /partials/icons. To use an icon just include the name of the relevant file, eg. To include the SVG icon in /partials/icons/rss.hbs - use {{> "icons/rss"}}.

You can add your own SVG icons in the same manner.

Copyright & License

Copyright (c) 2013-2018 Ghost Foundation - Released under the MIT license.