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Persons protection simulator


To run this project smoothly, you will need to install and have a basic knowledge of the following tools:

  • docker
  • docker-compose
  • make

To be able to contribute, you will need a good knowledge of:

  • PHP ;)
  • symfony 5

Getting started

All commands are ran from the project root folder

Define environment variables

Duplicate the .env.dist file in a .env file in the root folder and define the environment variables.

Building the docker images

  docker-compose build

This will build an initial image "app" containing:

  • nginx
  • PHP FPM with common extensions
  • the current application code with the dependencies

Running the docker containers

  docker-compose up

or in the background

  docker-compose up -d

No extra step should be required to get a running application.

You should now be able use your web browser to access:

Connect to containers for CLI interactions

  • Connect to the web server container

    docker-compose exec app /bin/bash

development standard and reports generation:

  • run phpunit, a unit test tool. Report is generated in reports folder:

    make test
  • run phpmetrics tool. Report is generated in reports folder:

    make phpmetrics
  • run phpstan tool to check style. (no reports generated => requires update in phpstan.neon):

    make phpstan
  • run phpmd, a static analysis tool . Report is generated in reports folder:

    make phpmetrics